Beautiful and Budget Friendly Ramp Ideas

Are you looking to build a ramp? Do you have an idea in mind or don’t know where to start? Let’s take a look at how ramps and stairs differ, the safety and cost of each and the materials available to bring your ramp vision to life!

Ramps vs. Stairs

When deciding whether to install a ramp or stairs to your home or business, considering any physcial mobility limitations of those living in the home or visiting your business is important.

Stairs may be convenient for people who are able to walk without assistance, however, individuals who may require a walker, cane, wheelchair or even young children will have an easier time using ramps.


While ramps and stairs each have their own benefits and risks, a stairway that has proper lighting and is equipped with handrails can be a safe and supportive way for able-bodied individuals to navigate from one area to another. At the same time though, stairs can pose an incredible fall risk for the young and elderly.

On the other hand, ramps, especially when designed with handrails, provide a safe way for people of all mobility levels to navigate. Outdoor ramps can pose a risk if it is icy or wet out, as well as if the ramp is covered in debris like leaves. Ensuring your outdoor ramp is safely equipped for outdoor weather (such as snow and ice) could look like using an anti-icing solution or shoveling.


Though stairs may be a more affordable option, as we’ve mentioned stairs can pose a challenge for individuals with physical mobility limitations or young children.

At Parkview Services, we want to help build a ramp within your budget. Thanks to the many material options available today, building a ramp that is economical as well as aesthetically pleasing is possible!

Selecting the Right Materials for Your Ramp

Ramps require more space than stairs, as ramps have a gradual rise to them. For example, if you are looking to build a ramp with an elevation rise of one foot, the ramp would need to be ideally 12 feet long.

Ready to look at the different materials available for ramps? Let’s unpack them!

Wood ramp


Wood ramps are often a popular choice but over time this type of ramp has the potential to warp or rot from moisture as well as splinter. If you choose to use wood, it’s a good idea to maintain it by using sealant, staining or painting.

Composite ramps require lower maintenance when compared to wood ramps, as this type of material is moisture resistant and only requires sweeping or washing to keep them in good shape!


Concrete ramps are a larger undertaking. They require an extensive amount of time, labor and cost to construct. These types of ramps are often used in commercial and public spaces. If you’re looking for a more permanent structure however, building a concrete ramp for your home or business is a durable and low maintenance choice.

Premade ramps are great if you are looking for a quick fix. These types of ramps are often chosen as a temporary solution as they are easily removable. Additionally, premade ramps can also be a more affordable option when compared to other materials.


Aluminum ramps are extremely durable and hold well over the long term. If you aren’t fond of the industrial look of aluminum, there are now powder-coated ramps available that can complement designs of your home or business.

How Parkview Property Services Can Help

Our team has over 30 years of combined experience. We specialize in fencing, deck, bathroom and kitchen remodels as well as ADA accessibility modifications. At our parent non-profit, Parkview Services, we have extensive experience in ramp construction and installation for our clients’ rental homes.

And, did you know that when you choose to work with us, you are making a difference? That’s right! We are proud to put 100% of our profits toward supporting the mission of Parkview Services. For the past 50 years, Parkview Services has supported people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, as well as low-income and struggling homeowners. Parkview Services provides a variety of programs such as Group Home, Affordable Housing Program, Camp Parkview, Mortgage Default Program and their Pre-Purchase Program.

We would love the opportunity to discuss a creative ramp solution that is not only useful but is aesthetically pleasing for your home or business!

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