Who We Are

As a division of Parkview Services, Parkview Property Services has over 30 years of experience delivering maintenance services for low-income adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs). Our unique specialization as a service provider for people with IDDs enables us to better understand and work with housing agencies and supported care providers to meet the individual needs of tenants & homeowners. 

Our Team

David Jackson

Property Maintenance Manager

Years in maintenance/construction: 25
I’ve lived in the area for 30 Years
Where you lived prior: California
I enjoy woodworking, gardening, cooking
I also spent 10 years in the Navy

Kamran Salehi

Maintenance Technician

Ian Alexander

Maintenance Technician

Years construction & remodeling: 6
Born in Hawaii 
Lived in Seattle for 30+ years
I enjoy rock climbing, backpacking, making cutting boards

Jeffrey Poso

Maintenance Technician

Years in maintenance & construction: 5
I’ve lived in the area for 13 years
I enjoy learning how buildings work. Playing the drums.
Riding bicycles/motorcycles. Traveling, and exploring the outdoors.
I have been in the social and health services for 12 years.