Who We Are

Parkview Property Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Parkview Services. Parkview Services is a non-profit located in Shoreline, Washington and their mission is to “Create inclusive housing solutions that promote stability, opportunity and community”.

Parkview Property Services has over 30 years of experience delivering home maintenance services. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing quality service. 

Are you in need of home repair or handyman services? We can help! 

meet the team

Taylor Ullrich

Associate Director of Operations

David Jackson

Service Manager

As the Service Manager at Parkview Property Services, I enjoy all aspects of my position from odd jobs to large scale endeavors. Our team takes great pride in the work that we do.

My journey began in woodworking. I have remodeled, rebuilt, stained, and varnished many classic wooden boats.

I’ve been in the Residential Maintenance field for 25 years. In addition to my professional experience, I remodeled my own home including the siding, exterior painting, and construction of a new detached garage. As a landlord, I strive to keep my home maintenance skills up to date.

Jeffrey Poso

Maintenance Technician

Growing up, my mom would always leave it to me to assemble many pieces of furniture or yard apparatus that needed piecing together. That was my first time feeling the need to be relied upon to finish a task for the benefit of the home. Sometimes I would disassemble objects around the house (without the approval of my folks).

My familiarity with tools and woodworking equipment came through me fumbling around my dad’s workbench area as a kid and eventually learning how to put them into proper practice through middle school woodshop.

My professional time as a handyman began through a social services agency in Seattle. I would respond to home repairs and maintenance projects at several supportive housing communities. I am also experienced in tenant improvements for commercial properties including painting, remodeling, drywall, and flooring.

I try to approach my work as an artist, a mathematician, and a person with steady and confident hands. There is never such thing as asking the wrong questions, and it is also important to approach this as never fully knowing everything, but continually learning.

Justin Alexander

Maintenance Technician

I’m a hardworking individual always ready to take on a task with a smile. I have over 10 years of experience in maintenance and home remodel. My skills include remodels, drywall repair, painting and texturing, replacing windows and doors, deck and fence builds, and roof repairs.

My passion is in tile work. I’m always looking for experiences that will help me continue to learn and grow. From small handyman projects to larger-scale remodels-I’m always ready to take on the jobs that come my way.

Michael Blanchette

Maintenance Technician

I’m Michael. I have 12 years in the construction industry.

My experience and expertise include full house builds, form to finish, additions, remodels including drywall repair, painting and texturing, replacing windows and doors, deck and fence builds and roof repairs.

I enjoy fixing things and helping people solve problems. I am most happy when I can resolve an issue and make the client completely satisfied.